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  • Mehmet Ata Kasap,
    Ipek Bulgur - Chairman of the Board

    “We participated in Sirha Istanbul first in 2016 due to our objective to get into the national market. In Sirha we met with the decision makers of the national chain stores and our communication with most of them still continues. We see that we have given the right decision to participate in Sirha. We plan to take part with a larger booth and stand out more in 2017.”

  • Semih Somer,
    Somer Endüstriyel Mutfak - Owner

    “It is very important that we can reach our target customer group, i.e. restaurant owners, restaurant managers, purchasing managers and chefs, under the same roof in Sirha where we have participated from the very start. The easy access to the exhibition venue also boosts the participation of the chefs. Thanks to that. Sirha bridges an important gap in the sector and facilitates our work.”